Save Our Bees !!!

Sign The Bee Cause Petition ! Be-cause we need bees.

With other pollinating insects, they’re vital to:
(a) oOur food supply – they pollinate most of our fruit and veg ;
(b) our economy – without bees costs for farmers would rise, meaning higher food prices ;
(c) our quality of life – our gardens, parks and countryside ;

… and be-cause bees need us too :
British bee numbers have fallen dramatically in recent years. And the way we farm our food and plan our towns and cities is making the problem worse.

David Cameron can change all that. Join us and ask him to help save bees by introducing a National Bee Action Plan.
Log on to the internet at:

Help ‘Friends of the Earth’, and ourselves, by signing The Bee Cause petition.

I am no ordinary bee. I’m royalty, a queen, you see! I don’t just raise a family – I rule a whole society! Each day I lay two thousand eggs. Believe me – that’s tough on the legs! My doting daughters feed my belly, And I was raised on royal jelly. My princely sons are known as drones – Not one of those boys ever phones! When it’s too crammed, then I take wing. With such a life – who needs a king?
Author Unknown
(Unfortunately, both the humour and the bees are declining, and we’re not laughing as much, any more)

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