13 Simple ways to help the Lifestyle Movement Continue – that you can do Today

If you love what we do, what we stand for and want us to continue, here are 13 simple ways you can help secure the future of the Lifestyle Movement:


Subscribe to our magazine. When you’ve finished with the latest copy of Living Green, pass it on to someone else and encourage them to become a member too.


Write an article for your local parish magazine promoting us. If you’re not a writer, don’t worry! Jody has an article you can use. Email her now.


Do you love a good conversation? Contact your local radio station and offer to tell them about the Lifestyle Movement.


Contact your local newspaper (most areas get a free newspaper that are looking for stories). Tell them about the Lifestyle Movement and what it means to you.


Start a blog sharing ideas on living simply and link to our site: http://lifestylemovement.org.uk/

Social media

If you’re on social media, share some of our blog articles and link to our site.

Run a workshop

Offer to run a talk or workshop at a school, WI group, art centre or local library. We can supply you with ideas for your talk and marketing materials.

Hand out posters

Going to a festival this year? We have posters you can hand out. Alternatively, put these posters on local noticeboards, café and libraries throughout the year. Email Rachelle now.


Send a donation to the Lifestyle Movement so we can continue our important work. It’s easy to donate using Paypal via our website or you can send cheques to Graham, our treasurer. Email Graham here.

Meet us!

Attend our committee meetings. We need new volunteers to share the workload. Send a message to Ann Hyatt for more information. Email Ann here.

Organise a meet up

Be the Change – set up a Lifestylers meetup in your home! We can provide everything you need to run a successful group. It’s a great way to make new friends and support us.

Advertise – for free!

Put our website in your email signature, so everyone you write to gets to hear about us. Email Rachelle if you need help setting this up.

Join our mailing list

Send Rachelle your email address so we can add you to our mailing list. This means, between issues of Living Green we can keep in touch with you and you won’t miss a thing! Email Rachelle here.