15 Ways to Help Save Our Environment


No one is perfect; nor are we expected to be.  However, if we all learn to do as many, or all, of the 15 behaviours, below – to the very best of our ability – Mother Nature will breathe a sigh of relief, and so will our descendants.

Do the very best you can to:

  1. Banish single-use, ‘throw away’ or black plastic products from your home.
  2. Decrease water use.
  3. Decrease electricity use. (Many electrical devices can be turned off when not in use)
  4. Buy reusable and easily recyclable products, to avoid pollution.
  5. Take public transport as often as possible. Or – if feasible – walk or bicycle.
  6. Eat meat in far less quantities – or none at all.
  7. Be far more conscientious about recycling in your home or business.
  8. Use alternative ways of food preparation. Cook more foods in the oven at one time; cook more from ‘scratch’, with less – or no – prepared foods; use a slow-cooker, pressure-cooker or steamer…or better yet, buy one of the new Multi-cookers coming out, which do all three!
  9. Repair items whenever possible. (And get insurance for your major appliances)
  10. Change your grocery-shopping habits. Firstly, make a weekly meal plan.                 Use paper or fabric bags.  Take heavy, reusable plastic containers for meat in the butcher section of your grocery store or local butcher shop. Visit your local green grocers’ and farmers’ markets. And if your schedule permits, grocery shop more often, buy smaller quantities, use everything you buy, and avoid needless waste.
  11. Keep your gardens as natural as possible, without covering them with cement.
  12. Keep the shrubs and trees you have, or plant some if you have none presently.
  13. Plant butterfly friendly flowers. Remember, they have friends, who also feed from the nectar, as well as cross-pollinating the plants.
  14. Create a small pond if you have room in your garden (with a board of small steps, so small creatures can get in and out).
  15. Make sure you feed and water the birds all year long.