A Better Life is Just Waiting for You

A Better Life Is Just Waiting For You                                                

by Michael Lewin

Negativity, pushed too far is an unrealistic, distorted, false view on life. The good far outweighs the bad so accept adversity as part of an evolving life – an adventure we are engage with for intelligence seeking, for finding out methodologies of self-improvement. “In the depths of winter, I finally learnt that within me there was an invincible summer.”     Albert Camus

Even with the best will in the world we continue to make mistakes, sometimes drastic ones. When this happens, accept your responsibility in the matter and apologize where necessary. Assess the full impact of the damage, make amends as much as humanly possible, learn from the experience – the causation, etc. Give assurances to others and yourself, that you will avoid making the same mistake, and finally – move on. Staying locked in a cycle of remorse and regret serves no one. Move forward, assured that you have done the very best you can. 

If we give out attention to fear, we feed it. When it enters our lives to undermine our confidence just recognize it for what it is – an abstraction, a projection that has no real substance. Fear holds us back, prevents us from achieving our full potential. Acknowledge this and begin to move forward again.

Loss can be devastating, we all experience this forfeiture and grapple with the consequences but it is unfortunately, a proportional reality of life. Gain – loss, gain – loss, a roller coaster ride, at times, through our fragile emotions and feelings. But our human existence knows of nothing else, with every gain we mark up their will always be a corresponding loss with the passage of time, so we must be brave and reconcile ourselves to this inevitable cycle and stay with the ride.

Confidence is the gateway to freedom. Always assert yourself quietly but firmly, never allow others to over-shadow you, put you down. By emphasizing your full presence in life you are not only serving yourself but also the wider community.

Never speak badly of anyone, use constructive criticism by all means, if that’s required to get people back on track, but overt, negative ‘ attacks ‘ serve no one, least of all us.  

Keep on time, keep on track – being late for appointments and engagements is not only impolite and disappointing, it’s discourteous and ultimately unproductive as well. It sends off the wrong message often received as: “My time is more important than yours.”

Friendship has great value, an essential prerequisite to living a nourishing life but unfortunately there are times when we have to let people go, not because we don’t care about them but because they don’t really care about us. Friendship always needs to be reciprocated.

Never underestimate or undervalue others.

Always be truthful in your dealings with people because your reputation (which is in reality your most valued possession) is at stake.

Never sell yourself short. Be a presence in life, as much as you possibly can. Smallness should never be an option.

Regularly asses your life. Evaluate carefully what you are doing, and the results you are getting, to make certain that you are being authentic to your real self.

Always be generous in your dealings with people to highlight your value as an individual.

Don’t over exert yourself. Take the long view in life. We must work hard to achieve our goals; but we must also play and rest hard as well, if we are to last the course.

Make certain you get sufficient regular, good quality sleep. This is essential if you want to perform well in any given situation.

Everyday wake up with the thought that you will learn something new today – something that may change your life, however small.

Exercise regularly, walking, cycling, swimming, etc are excellent. This not only tones up the body, but it also tones up and sharpens the mind.

The real thing is love, the most precious of gifts – never allow this thought to escape your attention. Feel it, live it.


“A happiness that is sought for ourselves alone can never be found: for a happiness that is diminished by being shared is not big enough to make us happy. There is a false and momentary happiness in self – satisfaction, but it always leads to sorrow because it narrows and deadens our spirit. True happiness is found in unselfish love, a love which increases in proportion as it is shared. There is no end to the sharing of love, and therefore, the potential happiness of such love is without limit.”


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