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All You Need, You Already Have

Maybe we should appreciate what we already have instead of moaning about what we don't.
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Rather than competing for the world's resources, would it be wiser to share them?
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Getting to Grips with Climate Denialism

Who and what appears to cause Climate Change Denialism?
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Yet More Nails in the Nuclear Coffin

Isn't it time for people to realize that, hopefully, nuclear power is really a dead duck in the water?
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Black plastic: what’s the problem?

Why is black plastic so problematic?
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Don’t Throw It Away!

Where really is 'AWAY', when we decide to throw our garbage there?
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Busy, Busy, Busyness

Perhaps living a calm and relaxed life should be a priority.
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We’re Still Stronger Together

"Vivian Woodell, social entrepreneur and founder of the phone co-op, shares his thoughts on the growing co-operative movement and its role in building collaborative, sustainable alternatives to the standard model."
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A New Pact With the Planet

Dr. Vanda Shiva describes the need for humanity to pledge to protect the earth and each other.
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