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Join the Lifestyle Movement and:

  • Enjoy living a simple and environmentally friendly lifestyle
  • Take pride in helping others, while de-stressing your own life
  • Take pleasure in making new friends at our Summer Weekends
  • Be a welcome part of a valuable group, and share your ideas at AGMs
  • Enjoy the fellowship of becoming a committee member
  • Take satisfaction reaching and teaching others
  • Look forward to reading the information and articles in our Living Green newsletters
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Learning alongside others:

Many Lifestylers fulfil their commitment in a private way, as individuals or within their families. We hope that members will create small support groups in their own region.

These gatherings will have a variety of aims, for example:

  • To act collectively in publicising a local issue such as waste, recycling or peace.
  • To study social and personal matters in the light of Lifestyle ideals.
  • To raise money for particular purposes, such as a Third World project.
  • To purchase or distribute whole foods or fair trade products.
  • To provide mutual support and encouragement to fellow Lifestylers.
  • In a few instances, the Lifestyle group is a ‘group of groups’ - that is, a coming together of representatives from several related organizations to co-ordinate their programmes and activities

Lifestyle Movement Membership

The Lifestyle Movement consists of people who share a conviction that the well-being of all life, especially the human family, depends on our living in ways that do not threaten the earth, our common home.

Members are all those who pay an annual subscription and otherwise support the Movement's ideals - most notable of which is to "live simply that all may simply live".

Contact us for information on membership.

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