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Climate change, deforestation, pollution and so forth concern us all, and such matters will be of even greater concern to future generations, for what we leave is their inheritance. We must therefore do all in our power to preserve the Earth's resources, natural diversity and beauty, for our children and their children.

Not only do 'consumer' lifestyles damage the environment, but they often snatch basic essentials from disadvantaged people. Our indifference to others when we buy - and too often when we thoughtlessly waste - does nothing to help people who live in poverty, in our own countries or in the ‘Third World’. For instance, goods that we are taking for granted, produced by ‘Third World’ land and labour, are helping to keep these countries locked into debt and dependence, and their people exploited and deprived. Relatively rich lifestyles are not merely wasteful, but sustain injustice.

The LIFE STYLE Movement, founded in 1972, is a network of people who share this perspective, and who are committed to moving towards more just and sustainable ways of life. Since everything we do, however small, tends to impact on someone's life, somewhere else, we believe that change must begin with ourselves.

We aim, firstly, to help one another live more thoughtfully and responsibly, mindful of injustice and of our impact on natural and man-made environments. Secondly, we encourage people to join us in this endeavour, so that everyone, now and in the future, may have the chance to live a fulfilling life.

Live simply, so all may simply live.

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