Little Things Do Make a Difference!

If everyone turns their thermostats down by just 1°C, total domestic emissions in the UK will be reduced by about 4.5% – according to the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

If members of your group, club or society use both sides of paper and use scrap paper for note paper, this will save many thousands of trees per year, and will help to reduce the 11 million tonnes of paper and board consumed in the UK each year.

If you recycle milk bottles, you will save energy. Refilling a milk bottle takes just 5% of the energy needed to make a new one. Glass milk bottles are reused an average of 17 times.

If you buy a ‘Hippo’ or ‘save-a-flush’ bag for your toilet cistern, you will save three litres of water per flush.

If you lower your washing temperature to 30?C.It will save approximately 40% energy per wash. If we all switched to washing at 30?C, we’d save enough electricity to light every street lamp in the UK for 10 months!

If you turn off your computer and then unplug it, or turn off the switch at the wall, you will save energy.  However, if you leave your computer monitor on all night you’ll waste enough energy to microwave six dinners. A PC left running 24 hours per day would use £59 worth of electricity over a 12-month period and create 716 kg of carbon dioxide emissions a year. Don’t forget to turn off the scanner, monitor, printer, broadband box, and audio speakers, as well.

If you clean with natural products, such as salt, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon juice, you will have a smaller shopping bill, fewer chemicals and less packaging.

If you buy second-hand furniture at antique sales, charity shops, car-boot sales and house clearances, you will save money and trees.  It will also save tonnes of material going to the landfill site.

If you utilize reusable grocery bags, and throw away the regular plastic bags, you will save tonnes of non-biodegradable waste from our landfill sites.

If you use a low-energy light bulb – costing approximately £1 – you will save up to £60 in energy costs over its lifetime, and avoid hundreds of kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.                                                                                                                              ­

Leonardo DaVinci



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