10 Actions for Individuals to Prevent Climate Change


– Campaign for change – join environmental organisations, encourage politicians and   businesses to take action.

– Change how you travel – fly less, drive less, cycle more, take the train.

– Switch to a green electricity provider to support investment in renewable energy.

– Wherever possible, insulate our homes to reduce wasted energy.

– Eat less meat and dairy – our dietary choices can have a big impact.

– Buy less stuff.

– Check out each political party’s climate change policies before deciding how to vote – and challenge your local candidates.

– Join a community energy scheme – or start one up.

– Talk about climate change with friends, family, colleagues.

– Keep campaigning – don’t let politicians and policymakers off the hook.

      This article first appeared in Clean Slate, the magazine of the Centre for Alternative Technology.  Printed with permission.
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